This page is the list of people who are apart of the production staff of Big City Greens that produces episodes, characters and anything related to the show.

Names Occupatation
Chris Houghton Showrunner/Creator/Co-Executive Producer
Shane Houghton Showrunner/Creator/Co-Executive Producer
Kassandra Heller Background Painter
Katie Aldworth Storyboard Artist
Samantha King Storyboard Artist
Charlie Gavin Artist?
Hannah Ayoubi Writer?
Rob Renzetti Executive Producer
Megan Ann Boyd TBA
H. Caldwell Tanner Storyboard Artist
David Gemmill Storyboard Artist
Julia Kaye Storyboard Artist
Kiana Khansmith Artist
Caroline Director Storyboard Artist
Ali Danesh TBA
Carson Montgomery TBA
Jennifer Keene TBA
Kenny Byerly Writer
Aaron Austin TBA
Jonathon Wallach TBA
Amy Hudkins TBA
Ian Mutchler Storyboard Artist
Ben Adams Writer?
Steve Lowtwait Background Designers
Val Petrone TBA
Tiffany Ford TBA
Cheyenne Curtis TBA
Matt Braly Storyboard Artist
Monica Ray TBA
Chris Pianka Storyboard Artist
Matthew Thiebes TBA
Rebecca Schauer TBA
Emily Warren Rice TBA