Alice "Gramma" Delores Green is a main character in Big City Greens. She is Bill's mother and Cricket and Tilly’s grandmother.



She has the appearance of an elderly woman, she's shorter than Bill, has wrinkles, has gray hair, and her head shape is notably square. As shown in Space Chicken, she has a wooden prosthetic leg in place on the right.


She mostly wears a long pink shirt which mostly covers much of her height, she wears a pearled necklace, black round glasses, and wears pink furry slippers. She also carries a cane, she also has a hearing aid on her left ear.


She is described as a mean but sweet lady and usually appears cranky at any given time and is also personally described as being tough as nails.








Both don't usually interact much as she does with Cricket and Bill.



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  • According to the creators, Gramma Alice was heavily based off of the creator's grandmother, who had the same name and personality when they describe Alice, they claimed that she's a tough, but sweet lady.
  • There was an early artwork of the series, which she originally was in a wheelchair.
  • Her right leg is worn in a prosthetic attachment.
  • In "Gramma's License", she used to be a race car driver as she won a certain amount of trophies.
    • While in the same episode, she drove a sliver but worn car which after it got towed, the car was never seen again after the episode.
    • She had a driver license that was so old before being vanished, it had some information such as:
    • Her street address
    • Her Date of Birth was October 10, 1943.

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