Christopher "Chris" Pianka is the storyboard artist who works for Big City Greens (series).

About The Staff

Among like the other staff, who previously worked on Harvey Beaks. He also previously worked on other Nickelodeon series, such as Breadwinner, Sanjay & Craig, Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) and The Fairly OddParents, including Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Adventure Time, and Danger & Eggs

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Producers Chris HoughtonShane HoughtonRob Renzetti
Writers Ben AdamsHannah AyoubiJennifer KeeneCarson MontgomeryKenny Byerly
Storyboard Artist Steve LowtwaitJonathon WallachDavid GemmillChris PiankaCheyenne CurtisSam KingKatie AldworthJulia KayeKassandra HellerIan MutchlerH. Caldwell TannerKiana KhansmithCaroline Director
Unassigned/Unconfirmed* Monica RayVal PetroneEmily Warren RiceNatasha KlineAaron AustinAmy HudkinsRebecca SchauerMatt BralyNico Colaleo*
Voice Actors Bob JolesMarieve Herington

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